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We’re looking for artists who want to break out internationally!


◎ We network between domestic and foreign artists.
◎ We plan and manage international and domestic events.
◎ We manage artists who want to make a name for themselves overseas.



Since the 1990’s, the words “planning” and “marketing” have begun to appear more regularly in the music world.
The use of these words has always been commonplace in business but now appear to be permeating into the music industry too. Once Japanese music companies began to observe the market they were able to plan their releases accordingly scoring hit after hit. This is called the “music bubble” and has lasted for a generation.


However, problems arose as companies began to search for more artists to fit their own image and began to emphasize an artist’s compatibility with the company over the artists own individual style. This means that no matter how unique and talented an artist was, if they didn’t fit the company image then they couldn’t make their debut.


Not only has this practice coincided with the trend of fixing any musical mistakes during editing, lip-synching during lives, and an increase of turning musicians into TV personalities, it has also coincided with the industry being hit by a series of shocks, from the advent of online file sharing to the Lehman financial shock. This has made it even harder for talented artists to get their foot in the door as the Japanese music industry has itself contracted.


So why not take your music elsewhere? By going overseas and performing at lives and events you can engage with a foreign audience directly and see their reactions to your music and personality first-hand. You’re also far more likely to be paid for gigs. Sound good? FLYJAM Creative Agency is here to help.
Even the largest Japanese music companies are making their way into the international markets right now. But there’s just one major problem: the language barrier.


Unlike the major Japanese producers, individual Japanese artists haven’t got the resources to hire a native English speaker to translate everything they may need to succeed abroad such as websites, lyrics, and online profiles.
We at FLYJAM Creative Agency are here to demolish that language barrier. We are made up of a unique mix of Japanese people who were born and raised overseas and are fully capable of providing accurate English translations that still manage to retain the original Japanese nuances.
Furthermore, as most of our staff have experience in at least studying overseas, we are able to conduct our business entirely in English.


We work in 3 main areas:
• Online distribution to overseas.
• Management, co-ordination, and planning of domestic events and international tours.
• Radio geared towards overseas audiences, Ustream broadcasting, and events such as our 16th parties and FLYJAM Fes.


Through these areas we can promote your music outside of Japan for the whole world to hear!
No need to worry about English anymore!
We’re here to support artists who want to be heard the world over!
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であれば、この閉塞状態が続く日本の音楽業界とは違う、世界の音楽業界に活動の場所を移してもよいのではないか、それが、私たち「FLYJAM Creative Agency」が立ち上がったきっかけになりました。







私たち「FLYJAM Creative Agency」では、その言葉の壁を取り払う為に、海外で生まれ育った日本人の方の翻訳チームを結成しています。この翻訳チームにより、日本語特有の「印象を伝える言葉」のニュアンスをなるべく崩さずに、英語に翻訳する事が可能になりました。






・海外向けラジオ放送、Ustream放送、ライブイベント「16th party」「FLYJAM Fest」の開催
これら事業により、 アーティストの活動場所を、日本から世界に変え、より多くの方に、その才能を届けたいと考えております。




FLYJAM Creative Agency